The Second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS 2) is a launch into the home strait of our Vision 2020. Its main objective is to devise Rwanda’s medium-term strategy in order to put Rwanda on a higher growth trajectory to ensure that the country achieves middle-income status by 2020.

In line with this objective, the Cabinet recently approved revised Vision 2020 targets, and EDPRS 2 targets are aligned to these. Rwanda needs to achieve at least 11.5% average GDP growth per annum, and also aims to reduce poverty to below 30%.

The EDPRS 2 period is the time when our private sector is expected to take the driving seat in economic growth and poverty reduction. Through this strategy we will focus government efforts on transforming the economy, the private sector and alleviating constraints to growth of investment. We will develop the appropriate skills and competencies to allow our people particularly the youth to become more productive and competitive to support our ambitions. We will also strengthen the platform for communities to engage decisively and to continue to develop home grown solutions that have been the bedrock of our success. These are fundamental principles as we work to improve the lives of all Rwandans in the face of an uncertain global economic environment.

Cabinet adopted EDPRS2 and below are related documents

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